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It might be time to toss the Viagra or Tadalafil is a higher dosage generally approved for guys . Scientists have found that lower-depth shock therapy might be a much more successful remedy for gentlemen with serious erectile dysfunction.

Yes, you read that correct: shock treatment on a man’s non-public areas.

Nonetheless, minimal-intensity shockwave treatment, or extracorporeal shockwave remedy, isn’t the wires-to-the-head-and-jolt-you-senseless remedy you may possibly have in mind. The outpatient procedure sends lower-level audio waves by means of the body. It has been utilized to deal with plantar fasciitis and tendonitis. A associated treatment referred to as lithotripsy also makes use of seem waves to break up kidney stones.

In the study, revealed in Journal of Sexual Overall health, researchers tracked 29 guys as they acquired two rounds of two treatments every 7 days for a few weeks. The scientists identified that the treatment assisted men who had been poor responders to oral ED medicines like Viagra by bettering their reaction to the drug. Even much more encouraging: 34 p.c of the guys ended up in a position to function sexually with out any medication at all.

Even though the researchers note that further examine demands to be carried out, they hope to at minimum inspire other folks to hold an open up thoughts to this novel treatment method.